"Intriguing upbeat modern pop music from Gordon Duthie. This independently released CD-R has a really great overall sound and vibe. Duthie writes and records technology-driven modern pop that has a classic sound. But although the overall sound of these songs is strangely familiar...we can't come up with any appropriate comparisons here (?). And that is a good thing...because it usually means that the artist isn't trying to copy or ape the sound of others. This CD-R is housed in a beautiful color digipak sleeve so it looks nothing like your average independently released album. This smart fellow has managed to succeed where others fail...coming up with cool inventive tracks that will stand up to many repeated spins. Our favorite cuts include "A Simpler Time," "A Cynical Mind," and "The Music Artist."

"In all, it’s a mish-mash of styles and genres, a culture clash which somehow all comes together, as Multimedia Monster documents a traditionalist getting to grips with the digital world while harking back to times long gone."
(is this music? - 11/09/2013)
“A perfect foil with the acerbity of reflections on social mores and musical competence. This is a delightful space in which to engage, Gordon is able shrink-wrap his pride in Scotland with his disdain at a world having lost its way, delivering the contents, which range between clear acoustics through to lo-fi electronics, with a delivery of a sharp reflection on the space around, as the best in folk manage to describe in the genres typically understated manner. The sense of isolation from a world at sea palpitates through the music which is a wordsmith tour de force. Does this make Gordon a songwriter rather than a performer, which I guess is where his reticence lies? Far from it, the music and vocal delivery stand the testament of the word content. In fact it is that abrasive rugged North Eastern Coastline which adds to the whole context.”

“The variations across Shire and City do well to display Duthie’s phenomenal talent and the listener can’t help but appreciate his dedication and hard work. Anybody who loves music should check this album out straight away, from this fantastic and genuinely creative musician, something that sadly is sometimes lost in the money grabbing, image obsessed music industry today.”

Multimedia Monster

by Gordon Duthie

© Gordon Duthie 2013

Shire and City

by Gordon Duthie

© Gordon Duthie 2012